This is an adapted version of Per Cederberg's Tetris applet. The changes I made are: addition of a high score list that's saved between invocations (in application mode), and more elaborate scoring (e.g. more points on higher levels, additional points for completing several rows with a single figure, and more points for dropping a figure from a higher altitude). Like Per's version, it is released under the GPL. The jar file contains the source code and also works as a double-clickable application.

You must turn on Java for applets to work.

The following keys control the game:

  • Left moves the falling figure to the left
  • Right moves the falling figure to the right
  • Down rotates the falling figure counter-clockwise
  • Up rotates the falling figure clockwise
  • Space moves the falling figure all the way down
  • N toggles preview of next figure
  • P pauses or resumes the game
  • S increases the falling speed (by one of ten steps)