ImageJ Plugins

This page collects plugins I've written for the image processing application ImageJ. While ImageJ isn't Photoshop, it's quite a capable program, and thanks to a macro recording facility and a powerful Java API, is easy to extend. Being in the public domain, it's also free, and bugs are generally fixed quickly. These plugins extend ImageJ in some more or less useful, or plain fun way. The central place to look for more plugins is part of the ImageJ web site.

If any of my software has been helpful to you or your company, and you feel like expressing your gratitude beyond saying Thank you (which is also appreciated), please note that I have an Amazon Wish List containing several inexpensive items, or you can contribute directly via PayPal.

  Animated_PNG_Writer, 6/25/08

  ColorPicker, 3/20/18

  Expression, 3/16/18

  HPGL Reader, 3/4/06

  OpenGLExample, 3/14/09

  Pixellate a.k.a Witness Protection, 3/5/04

  Seam Carving, 2/11/08

  Warp, 1/20/04



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