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  • Ich veröffentliche einen Kalender mit aktuellen Veranstaltungen in Karlshorst, der dank des ICS Formats in jede Kalender App eingebunden werden kann; die Details finden sich unter VeranstaltungenKarlshorst.

  • SoftwareProjects collects some of the software I've made public over the years, some of it active (like the Android app Ping & Net, JForum for web forums and JTrac for issue tracking), and some dormant

  • RecentMovies has notes about movies I've seen, going all the way back to 2004.

  • BrewpubsBerlin keeps track of which brewpubs I've visited in Berlin and elsewhere in Germany. It includes my impressions, web links, addresses and a Google map showing them all. PubsBerlin lists most of the English, Scottish and Irish pubs in the city, although I haven't visited all of them.

What's new?

  • September 7: Released a new version of the Ping & Net Android app with several fixes and improvements, especially for the ping widget and the sharing menu

  • July 30: Released JTrac 2.3.2 with some small bug fixes and improvements, and some dependency updates.

  • December 14: Released JForum 2.8.2, the best open source Java discussion forum software out there

If any of my software has been helpful to you or your company, and you feel like expressing your gratitude beyond saying Thank you (which is also appreciated), please note that I have an Amazon Wish List containing several inexpensive items, or you can contribute directly via PayPal.