• Welcome to my web space. This site looks a bit different than other places, as it's running on wiki software, and I'm not artistically inclined enough to make it look nicer. So hopefully you've come for the content. If you're looking for something in particular, use the search box.

  • RecentMovies has notes about movies I've seen, going all the way back to 2004.

  • BrewpubsBerlin keeps track of which brewpubs I've visited in Berlin and elsewhere in Germany. It includes my impressions, web links, addresses and a Google map showing them all. PubsBerlin lists most of the English and Irish pubs in the city, although I haven't visited most of them.

  • Some stuff I've written, mostly tech articles and book reviews, but also including writeups of our Hurtigruten trip along the Norwegian coast in German and English (with lots of pictures), and a lengthy trip across the USA, can be found in MyWriting

  • If you're interested in getting in touch, I'm on Email, XING and LinkedIn. If you send a contact request, make sure to mention why you want to connect.

What's new?

  • Released a new version of my Android app Ping & Net (October 11)

  • Released a few bug fixes for the Java open source forum software JForum2 (August 7)

My software projects

If any of my software has been helpful to you or your company, and you feel like expressing your gratitude beyond saying Thank you (which is also appreciated), please note that I have an Amazon Wish List containing several inexpensive items, or you can contribute directly via PayPal.

  • I'm committer to JForum2, IMO the best open source Java web forum software, and cewolf, a JSP tag library for embedding charts in Java web apps (which is dormant now).

  • ProfileViewer helps make sense of Java profiling information and GNU gprof output. It's outdated now, but still functional.

  • PrologJava: Thinking about combining Prolog and Java? Here's a BSF engine for JLog (a Prolog-in-Java system)

  • CpuSimulator6502: j6502 is a 6502 CPU simulator written in Java. There's also an assembler that generates object code for it. For those too young to remember, the 6502 powered computers such as the Apple //, the Atari 400/800, and various Commodore models like the PET-2001 and the C-64.

  • CodeSnippets contains various small pieces of code -mostly in Java- that may be of wider interest. Also a few fun or marginally useful applets that I resurrected from the dustbin, a few ready-to-run plugins for JSPWiki, and examples of how to handle PDFs programmatically.

  • JavascriptUtilities has some web development and JavaScript utilities: a regexp tester, a keycode tester, a browser plugin lister, and a text flipper for fun