Mona Lisa..... Nixon

by van der Hoeven, a Rosebud artist.
This needs a Java browser.... go to Netscape and get one.

Move the mouse 'n' check the eyes tracking you.....
Click with mouse to shut the Nixon talk machine down (click again to re-start).
As this world progresses into further and further weirdness,
I say: To err is human, to add is divine!

This applet was created with the artistic input of the great Noel Wanner who for some crazed and silly reason thinks text is better than computer junk..... little did he know....

We thank: Leonardo, Nixon, Hunter S. Thompson, Monty Python, and Mom who's been floating with the angels for a long time now.

This applet was created with fine tools from The source and the compiled classes & media are here for your downloading pleasure in the ubiquitous zip format.
If you use 'em please remember who gave 'em to ya....
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